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Understanding School Development Planning in Uganda

Understanding School Development Planning in Uganda

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School development planning was adopted as a strategy to improve teaching and learning, school management and governance, and community participation in education under the UPE programme in Uganda. The success of SDP is underpinned by three factors: intellectual capital (resides with the head teacher as a change agent and at the centre of the process of school development and improvement), social capital (resides in the school contexts) and political capital (resides in the socio-political climate). The ability of the head teacher to optimally blend the three types of capital in a given context with focus on a right area may provide the opportunity to produce the expected results. The purpose of this book is to explore the perceptions and experiences of stakeholders about the process, practices, and impact of SDP. It also examines the contribution of SDP towards improvement of the quality of education in primary schools in Uganda. This book provides head teachers, local and national leaders practical suggestions to improve and sustain SDP such as the use of locally generated strategies to tackle school challenges and sharing of effective teaching practices.
School development planning guarantees improved teaching and learning that produce better learning achievemnents