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Collaborative Classroom Management through Modular Instruction

Collaborative Classroom Management through Modular Instruction

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Making classroom activities interesting and instructive is a challenge to social science teachers in higher education level. Various modalities are available to a professor but choosing the most effective one to allow collaborative learning was a challenge the author faced when he taught political science in Aquinas University, College of Arts, Sciences and Education in the Philippines. He conducted an action research focusing on the use of modular instruction, which ran for two years. Being on leave from the university, and currently a visiting professor at the Dongguk University, South Korea, he validated his research in the Spring term classes he taught this academic year. This report provides both the theoretical background and field study results. Sample modules in one of the subjects taught are also included. This monograph serves as a guide to other teachers who would want to utilize the instructional modality herein studied. Instructional materials developers will find this paper interesting.
Action Research on Instructional Materials Development