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Normative Disciplinary Practices and School Leadership

Normative Disciplinary Practices and School Leadership

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This book presents different ways in which learner discipline is managed in South African schools, that is by using either punitive (corporal punishment), normative (alternatives to corporal punishment:ATCP) or both disciplinary approaches. This book also interrogates the consistency that prevails between disciplinary practices used in schools and the ATCP principles and further outlines the implications of ATCP implementation and its challenges for school leadership. The following key issues are also covered: * The ATCP as a contested approach to instilling discipline in schools * Unresolved issues around ATCP implementation * Contestations, tensions and contradictions with regard to the ATCP implementation * Concepts, theories and arguments on school discipline and school leadership * The South African social context and its impact on school leadership * The learners’ backgrounds, internal (physical and developmental) and external factors (social) and their influence on teaching and learning * A need for moral leadership and the need to revisit policy The intended readership includes: politicians, teachers, students, DoE officials and other interested members of the public.
Practices, Consequences and Implications