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A Study of Academic Achievement of D.Ed. Students

A Study of Academic Achievement of D.Ed. Students

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Education is regarded as the potential instrument of social change that is thought desirable at a particular point of time. It is intended to bring about social upliftment, political awareness and promotion of economic growth of the masses in general. Governments of different countries have therefore taken up the responsibilities of universalizing school education and widening the access to tertiary and teacher education. It has been ensured not only in the constitution of most of the countries but also in the international charter of UNO and UNESCO. Academic achievement is of paramount importance, particularly in the present socio-economic and cultural contexts. There is a need to identify the psycho-sociological factors, which influence the academic achievement of D.Ed. students, in order to draw conclusions and suggest remedial measures and to improve appropriate skills. It is rather interesting to know which of the variables of self efficacy, emotional intelligence, achievement motivation, socio-economic status and socio-demographic etc contribute to the academic achievement.