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Development of malta powder using vacuum foam mat drying

Development of malta powder using vacuum foam mat drying

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Malta (Citrus Aurantium L.) is most important fruits grown in India have excellent flavor, delicious taste and higher nutritional value. The ingredients were chosen for preparation of non sticky, free flowing powder besides providing the high nutritive value. The independent variables were carboxy methyl cellulose (4-8%), temperature (65–85°C), whole milk powder (1–3%), TCP(0.125–0.225%) and GMS (0.2 – 0.75%). The hygroscopicity of the malta powder was in the range of 1.45 to 6.38% while the degree of caking was in between 2.04 to 4.25%. Minimum solubility of malta powder was about 72.7% and it increased up to 91.3%. Flowability time of powder was in between 13.4 to 19.8 sec. Ascorbic acid varied from 21.426 to 54.761 (mg/100g) and the beta carotene was in the range of 10 to 51(µg/100g). Value of L*, a* and b* was varied from 53.1 to 82.79, 27.25 to 105.92 and -15.92 to 73.67 respectively. Optimum level of ingredients obtained by using simultaneous optimization of hygroscopicity, degree of caking, flowability time and solubility were: 7.92% carboxy methyl cellulose, 85°C temperature, 1.55% whole milk powder, 0.225% tricalcium phosphate and 0.271% GMS.