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Web Based Learning in LIS

Web Based Learning in LIS

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Communication between teacher and student is a vital element of successful distance education. Media has played an essential role in the establishment of teacher and student communication. Digital technologies are revolutionizing the practices of teaching and learning at universities and research institutes all around the world. With the emergence of Internet and web technologies, these institutions are increasingly exploring the potential use of e-learning technologies to cater for the ever-growing demands of flexible teaching. Economic, social and technological forces are placing enormous demands on universities, research institutions and call for increasingly flexible and diverse systems to cater to an ever-growing range of learning needs. Flexible approaches aim to provide learners with greater choice over when, where and how they learn by adopting various flexible delivery strategies such as distance education, online learning, self paced or self directed learning strategies. This book explores possibilities of scalable frameworks for web based learning in LIS.
Designing a Scalable Framework for Library and Information Science