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Constructivist Teaching Practices and Students Learning Science

Constructivist Teaching Practices and Students Learning Science

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A constructivist learning environment has been explored as a way to assist students in achieving greater success with learning science. With regard to teaching science, research has focused primarily on developing constructivist learning environments which has been a major factor affecting student learning positively (Ogbuehi & Fraser, 2007). A constructivist epistemology focuses on the construction of reality through the senses (Kim, Fisher, & Fraser, 1999; Wheatley, 1991). This study also indicates the power and influence of exceptional teachers in working with other teachers.It suggests that science teaching can be like science itself – encouraging ideas for changes and improvements, devising Action Research Projects to collect evidence of successes (and failures), and reporting on positive results as recognition of real success over time. It is a way of informing and encouraging such changes on the part of other teachers.