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Designing Effective Online Instructional Demonstration for a Procedure

Designing Effective Online Instructional Demonstration for a Procedure

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This project used Design-Based Research approach to redesign instructional videos for procedures. The project incorporated the minimalism theory, the four components model principles, multimedia learning principles, and recorded demonstration principles as the foundational frameworks. There were three phases undertaken to achieve such purpose. In the first phase, the existing Camtasia Studio 7 video series were analysed and relevant theoretical foundations for instructional videos were examined and the results used to guide the design of the prototypes. In phase two, the initial prototype was constructed and tested with target users. In the final phase, the effectiveness of the revised model was again tested and evaluated. The results show that the above-mentioned theories, principles, and guidelines are central in guiding the design of any effective, efficient, and an appealing instruction for users’ task performance and support. Any outright violation of those theories, guidelines, and principles, for example, can seriously jeopardize the effectiveness of a recorded instructional video for procedures.
A Case of Redesigning Camtasia Getting Started Video Series for Novices