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Dehydration of Fig

Dehydration of Fig

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Fresh, ripe fig fruits were pretreated with dipping oil (ESSAR MK). The pretreated, sulphited fruits were OSMO DRIED and packed in 50.8 micron polyethylene bags and stored at room temperature for 90 days. These osmo dried fruits were analysed for physico-chemical and sensory properties at 30 days interval. The result indicated that there was a gradual decrease in moisture content, acidity, ascorbic acid, fibre, iron content and increase in TSS, total sugars, reducing sugars content of dried figs during storage upto 90 days. amongst all the treatments, it was found that good quality and acceptable dried figs can be prepared by treating fresh ripe fig fruits with 38 ppm dipping oil (MAKE: ESSAR, Pune) for 1 min followed by sulphitation (2 g/ kg fruits) for 2 h, sugar syrup (600B) treatment for 48 h and drying at 550C up to 18-20 per cent moisture level.
Ficus carica L.