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PAINTING THE SOUL incorporates the content from a diverse and creative series of Applied Drama Workshops which were conducted with teachers in a special needs' school in South Africa.The objective was for the participating teachers to assimilate and utilise the strategies learnt by incorporating them into their teaching methodologies. The goal was to enhance the self-confidence, social and communication skills of their special needs' pupils.At the conclusion of the process,extremely positive outcomes were experienced by both children and participating teachers.By sharing the various strategies we enacted,combined with the wonderful reference material at my disposal with you,the reader,it is hoped that you will incorporate some of these ideas into your already rich tapestry of Applied Drama methodologies.I wish you happy,soulful, exhilarating,playful,evocative and reflective activities in a meaningful group with either adults or children.CAUTION:These applied drama activities may create profound paradigm shifts,cathartic healing and change in participants.Professional facilitators with appropriate skills,training and credibility,who receive debriefing and supervision are advised.
A Process of Empowerment: Creative Applied Drama Workshops with teachers of children with special needs