Building  the Culture of Dialogue, Path to Peace

Building the Culture of Dialogue, Path to Peace

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This was an effort to move from a concept of dialogue as a form of external communication to one that sees dialogue as a form of communication that finds inspiration in God, the fountain and source of dialogue.There is seen among the members of the Bishops-Ulama Conference (BUC) a transformation of the perception of dialogue. There is stronger interest to listen to one a another on the faith level. The exchange of Holy Books between the Ulama and the Bishops in the BUC was a great sign of this interest. The BUC members are entering into a new perception of "spirituality" for individuals, groups and society. The members of the BUC are convinced that the BUC "formula" of dialogue is very relevant for the peace process in Mindanao because it helps to deepen their experience of dialogue and in this process, they are helping in the peace efforts by encouraging others to do the same at the local level. BUC dialogue is a concrete experience of the Culture of Dialogue as Path to Peace, able to change society and make people work together for the future peace.
The Bishops-Ulama Experience in Mindanao