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E-learning Approach to train Novice Teachers

E-learning Approach to train Novice Teachers

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Education is the holistic development of the Learner. Role of teacher has been changed from knowledge creator to facilitator with the paradigm shift of instruction methods, mode of communication and need of individual and Society. It is highly essential that today’s teachers are techno-smart to deal with the techno freak students’ expectation. Internet facilities and well growing ICT sector will also help to develop global outlook of Education. Novice teacher are must understand how to interpreted technology in teaching learnnig process. PEPPER Software was designed by Prof. Jim Hewitt of Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and delivered Content on Knowledge eCommons 2.0 (KeC). Jim Hewitt provides Space to Dr. Anjali Khirwadkar on KeC 2.0 for research purpose. Thus, Authors choose Synchronous and Asynchronous e-learning Model (Blended Learning) to instruct and interact student teachers of Teaching of Biology. They developed and delivered content of Teaching of Biology course offered in B.Ed. programme at The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India for experiencing E-learning approach to helps novice teachers.