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Models of Practical Teaching

Models of Practical Teaching

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Practical teaching is known by many names and the following appear in publications about teacher education and training:Teaching practicum, Teaching practice, Professional experience,School-based experience and Practical teaching. Practical teaching is a period spent in the real school classroom environment where the prime focus for the teacher trainee is to practically practice teaching. This is done under the supervision of a mentor. This book has detailed requirements for successful preparation of teacher trainees before embarking on practical teaching. During teacher education and training at higher institutions of learning, the teacher trainees are sent out to selected schools from time to time for a given period to fulfil the practical requirements of their training. It is to the teacher trainers as well as people training to become professional teachers, primarily, and the old practising teachers who may want to revise their learned techniques and strategies to improve their teaching that this book has been written.
Practical Teaching Models for Teacher Education and Training