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Maximising Organisational Performance

Maximising Organisational Performance

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Learning is a journey not a destination. The cliche of rapid and continuous employee development makes it inevitable for organisations to seek how to continuously enhance the learning of employees, knowing well that there is always more to learn. The Learning based approach to employee development fosters continuous organisation performance. Organisations need to understand how to set up conditions in which learning and the "learning to learn" concept can flourish within the corporate culture. In this global economic down turn, there is the temptation for organisations in a bid to save costs to abandon all forms of Learning and Development. However, the continuous need for organisations to enable Learning and Development of employees cannot be over emphasized if an organisation wishes to maximize its Human Capital asset and achieve corporate objectives. This empirical research study was conducted to find out and also to give an understanding on how organisations position learning and development of its employees. A global Bank was chosen to conduct this empirical research study. Questionnaire & Interview based methodology was employed in this study.
...through Continuous Professional Learning and Development