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Career/Vocational Guidance/Counselling at Secondary School in Pakistan

Career/Vocational Guidance/Counselling at Secondary School in Pakistan

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The study explores: “Role of teacher as career/vocational guide/counsellor at the secondary school level”, and to suggest a workable solution to the problem. Quantitative data from Zone-2 of K.P.K. province was selected through purposeful sampling procedure. In each of its district, five male schools were selected from its urban area randomly. Ten male students (250), five teachers (125) and each of the head teachers (25) from those schools were consulted through questionnaires. In addition eight key officials selected through purposeful sampling procedure at the provincial and federal levels were interviewed through semi-structured interviews. The quantitative data were tabulated and then analysed through mean and percentages, whereas the qualitative data were transcribed from the audio-tapes; themes were drawn and then discussed in the light of research questions through driving findings. The main conclusions are: teachers are required to be equipped with the guidance and counselling skills officially. Also, there is a felt need for career counselling services at school level to guide the students regarding careers/vocations and courses selection
The Role of Secondary School Teacher in Students' Guidance