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Integrating ICT Into The Teaching-learning Transaction

Integrating ICT Into The Teaching-learning Transaction

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Developments in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and its applications in teaching and learning are calling for instructors to integrate ICT into curriculum and instruction. This requires a strategic ICT training for instructors. The literature suggests that integrating ICT into teaching and learning is the only option to accomplish the intended change in developing students. This study focuses on exploring the process of integrating ICT into education and its emerging challenges in Adama University. In this study, qualitative dominant case study design was adopted as a result of a pragmatic reasoning. The analysis of data revealed that integrating ICT into teaching-learning is yet to be accomplished. The data revealed that the participants, both the lecturers and students, have positive attitudes towards ICT and considerable knowledge and positive understanding of ICT and its potential in teaching and learning. However, the university fails to provide appropriate ICT-training courses for instructors to develop their technical ICT skills.