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Academic Adjustment of IX Class Pupils

Academic Adjustment of IX Class Pupils

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Adjustment helps in having integrated and balanced personality. Adjustment is a continuous process, which produces a more harmonious relationship between the person and his environment. It is a process of directing one’s own effort towards modification of behaviour and attitudes. Adjustment is a process of helping the person to change his environment or his outlook. It promotes happiness and efficiency of the person in an environment. It implies proper degree of social feeling and acceptance of social responsibility. Academic Adjustment can be considered to be the adjustment of the student to the academic environment consisting of the school conditions such as physical, curriculum, text books methods of teaching, authority, discipline etc. Adjustment is a satisfactory reaction of an organism to its environment. The present study is an attempt to investigate the level of adjustment existing among secondary school students in relation to certain variables like Sex, Age, Medium, types of environments namely Residential and Non Residential schools, School Management namely Government and Private, Locality, Caste, Father and Mother Occupations and Educational Qualifications etc.
Integrated and Balanced Personality