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Teenagers from Psychological Perspective

Teenagers from Psychological Perspective

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Being a psychologist I always want to explore different phenomena around me from a psychological perspective. No doubt that our future is dependent on new generation “teenagers”, but today our teens are experiencing stress and storm due to challenges, frustration, anger or due to multiple problems, such as academic problems, problems with family members, peers, and close friends. Teens are also suffering due to their complex relation with parents and teachers. Along with this in every cultural context there are various challenges for teenagers. These challenges can be due to physical maturation, Puberty, heavy substance abuse, delinquency and lower grades. Definitely due to above mentioned challenges teenagers are facing great psychological and physiological risks. As a result they can experience lower self-confidence, educational problems, drug abuse and smoking that can hinder teens for reaching their full potential. Adolescents not only need information about these risks but also required guidance and counseling to improve their health and well being so that they can cope with these psychological and physiological changes effectively.