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Parents, Society and Primary Education System in India

Parents, Society and Primary Education System in India

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In the traditional analysis where educational system is sharply divided into two non-intersecting sets ------ givers and takers have been relegated into the mist of history. Now in modern era they are integrated into a closely interacting system. In this system there is no distinct set of givers and takers. The teachers imparts the education to the children. The children accumulate knowledge and progress. This progress is judged by the teachers on the basis of the examination system. However it is the guardians who can really trace the child’s progress and the efficacy of the institution receive from the schools. They can thus interact with the school authority in accessing their children’s progress. Also the inputs of the parents are necessary for the school authority because it is in the family that the children spend her off time. It is in this spirit that the Village Education and Health Committee (VEHC) and Ward Education and Health Committee (WEHC) have been formed.
A Case Study