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Learning and Teaching of English in Pakistan

Learning and Teaching of English in Pakistan

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In this study, I have looked at learning and teaching of English in Pakistan through the narratives of two teachers of English. Both these teachers Fatima and Khulood (pseudonyms) are experienced secondary school teachers teaching English in two diverse: Fatima was developing her teaching in a private English-medium school and Khulood in a government Urdu-medium school. The study portrays and discusses Fatima’s and Khulood’s current teaching practices through four teaching lessons and also takes a broader perspective on the development of their classroom practices over their careers. This study used narrative inquiry which tries to understand teachers own understanding, representing their experiences, as they themselves understand them. Through the two teachers’ narratives, the study provides an in-depth analysis of the way English is learned and taught both as a second and a foreign language in Pakistan. From the analysis of Fatima’s and Khulood’s development of classroom practices two main themes emerged: (a) Permanence and Transformation, and (b) Transformation and Permanence. The study demonstrates how teacher development is both a biographical and an experiential process.
A Narrative Inquiry