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Research and implementation of Lobby System in Erlang

Research and implementation of Lobby System in Erlang

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This manuscript contains various valuable information regarding the lobby systems in general, what the lobby system is, what it contains, how games are integrated into the lobby system and what must be ensured so that one can keep track of the user's status. If you are building or developing a lobby system regardless of any language, this will help you get the basic ideas about what happens behind the scene and how one should tackle running multiple games on a scalable environment. Here, we have used Erlang as the core programming language for building a lobby system which could host any games which are not even built in Erlang. It shows how to host games regardless of any platform with an example showing how to host the games developed with Unity Gaming Engine which are written in JavaScript or C#. So, if you want to learn about gaming and hosting multiple games in a scalable server, then this will be a great help for you. If you are a game developer and want to know how you can host your game in the lobby systems in the internet, then also this will help you a lot.
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