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Effectiveness of Library Services

Effectiveness of Library Services

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The aim of the study was to examine how students and staff view the effectiveness of Mzuzu University Library and Learning Resource Centre services. Quantitative and qualitative approaches were used that involved largely surveys for data collection. The study targeted one thousand two hundred and seventy nine1, 279 students and a combined population of approximately one hundred and twenty two 122 lecturers and eighteen 18 administrative staff. Data was analyzed using the manual method. The results were represented quantitatively using tables, graphs and percentages. The study revealed that Mzuzu University library and learning resources center resources are irrelevant, inadequate and outdated to meet the information needs of both students and staff. The study has also revealed that library staff are not helpful and that some are rude and arrogant. The study has also revealed that the internet facilities are inadequate for staff and students. The air does not circulate freely on the upper deck and students and staff are forced to use the ground floor which is not enough space to handle many staff and students.
A Study of Mzuzu University Library and Learning Resources Centre