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Tourism Industry in Andhra Pradesh

Tourism Industry in Andhra Pradesh

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Tourism is undoubtedly the largest in the World. The recent usage in business and pleasure travel represents an unparalleled demand for tourism related services. This demand has been filled by a growing economy which has raised the standard of living of millions of peoples around the globe. The continued increase in World wide tourism has encouraged both government and private investments and rapidly expand the facilities to better serve tourists and business travelers. Tourism potential impact on economy environment and people are now fully recognized. It is faced industry to create jobs earning foreign currency and generate tax revenues. India also has several attracting resorts attracting tourists. Most of them are situated in Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Chennai, Kolkota, Varanasi, Goa, Mysore, Tirupati and Udaypur.The Govt. of India has declared 1991 as the "Year of Tourism". The Chittoor district has reaped good returns on tourism and the same has been vindicated. The district stands to gain a lot by further exploiting the tourist potential which is abundantly available in the district.
A Case Study of Chittoor District