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Impact of Mathematics teacher training programme in Bangladesh

Impact of Mathematics teacher training programme in Bangladesh

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This research was conducted in Bangladesh using the largest NGO as a sample. With an use of both qualitative and quantitative approaches, this research discovers that the main finding for the first issue is related to the national policy for teacher training and its implementation. The policy failed to motivate trainees to participate in the teacher training programme. The national policy has somehow created a notion that participants take the training for financial benefit not to meet the requirement of teaching practice. Difference in performance was noticed among the teachers who received training from the NGO and other providers and who received no training. The performance of trained teachers was higher than others. The performance of the teachers currently receiving training is higher than the teacher trained earlier. The teachers receiving training currently remembered the knowledge gained from the training. Whereas the teachers who received training earlier forgot many aspects of training because, according to them, they could not use their new knowledge in their exiting school setting. A number of suggestions were made to make the training more effective.
A study on a private (NGO) provider