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Education in developing countries

Education in developing countries

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This book explores education in developing countries. The Case study was based in Kenya. Some of the issues discussed include: The enrollment rate in girls’ secondary schools is on the increase as compared to enrollment rate in boys’ secondary schools although there exists gender disparity. Majority of households have insufficient income to cater for secondary education of the siblings. The cost of secondary education is unaffordable to many households. Many households prefer educating a boy child at the expense of a girl child. A high number of orphans due to HIV and AIDS calls for external assistance from households. External aids such as Constituency Development Fund (CDF), sponsorship and school-based bursary have assisted some needy students. The level of education of the household head influences access to secondary education of their children. Therefore, households should be sensitized by the government on the importance of giving equal opportunity to both boys and girls in accessing secondary education. The government should target day schools for the expansion of secondary school education, given their relative low resource. the book is very interesting!!!!!
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