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The Impact of Principal Leadership: An Investigative Approach

The Impact of Principal Leadership: An Investigative Approach

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This book basically investigates principal's leadership impact on students academic achievement. It examines how principal leadership is meaningfully related to students' learning and their academic achievement levels. The book also explores how contextual situations, cultural differences and environment might constitute a significant fact in informing and impacting the effectiveness of the leadership engagement of the principal in the learning environment. This book recognizes that leadership styles and approaches employed by principals in their work are many and varied. It observes too that the application effectiveness these leadership styles can be shaped by the needs and expectation of the specific situations and environment of operation. The book then argues, against this recognition, that the dichotomy often drawn between effective leadership styles and ineffective ones may be nonexistent. As such, the book notes that the situational needs and differences, cultural and environmental expectations and nuances define the application effectiveness of principal leadership styles in the learning environment.
The Impact of Principal Leadership on Students' Academic Achievement: An Investigative Approach