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Why Students fail?

Why Students fail?

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The book examines causes of high failure rate in secondary schools using a qualitative methodology. Learners, teachers, heads of departments, principals (heads), inspectors, advisory teachers, parents and regional directors gave their views in during interviews on why schools are failing children. On the whole poor or weak monitoring system was viewed as largely responsible for high failure rate among other factors such as learner, teacher, leadership, parental and senior management factors. Organized in sections, read a section about each of the stakeholders at a time and find out what they say causes failure. Recommendations have been provided by the different stakeholders about what can be done to raise the pass rate. The views contained in this book could help some school leaders turn around failing schools. Read and take note of learners', teachers' heads of departments' and principals' voices about the achievement agenda. The book concludes with capacity building training topics that can help empower teachers and leaders to make their schools more effective.
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