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Educational Planning and Financing

Educational Planning and Financing

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The concept of Educational Management has been enlarged in modern times. The teacher must be aware of their role in building healthy teaching learning process and caring for those who need. In none of these fields can the teacher function efficiently without a working knowledge of Educational Management. It is not enough to learn facts and theory only. The teacher needs to get an understanding of Educational Management that she/he can use in her/his daily work. The teacher can also apply this knowledge in their own learning and make themselves a more efficient person in every field because teacher knows how to cut out the loss of effort and time, which results from bad study habits. This book contains chapters as Management of Educational Planning as viewed by Different Management Concepts, Management of Educational Financing, Supervision, Inspection and Leadership, Total Quality Management and Human Resource Development (HRM) of Management.This book presents a unified picture of what management is and how it is applied to various forms of human Endeavor. It gives a basic knowledge about management functions in the most useful and organized way.
Educational Management