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Knowledge and Perceptions about Environmental Problems and Management

Knowledge and Perceptions about Environmental Problems and Management

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Nigeria is a country with highest population in Africa with more than 140 million people which have an average density of more than 130 persons per square kilometer especially in urban centers of the country. Kano state is among the highest and most populous states in Nigeria. Since human activities show a negative effect to Nigerian environment as other countries in the world and Nigeria is suffering some environmental problems, environmental education is important in Nigeria. However, there is a need for describing the current level of students’ knowledge and perceptions. Therefore, Nigerian students’ knowledge and perceptions about environmental problems and management were investigated in this study and 470 students were polled from secondary schools, universities and colleges. The results revealed that Nigerian students’ average knowledge of environmental issues was not satisfactory. However, their average perception towards environment was quite good. They were conscious of environmental problems around them even in secondary schools.
In Kano State/Nigeria