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Factors Enhancing Job Performance in Tertiary Institutions

Factors Enhancing Job Performance in Tertiary Institutions

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The increase in the demand for tertiary education calls for a more vibrant and conscientious job performance to meet this challenge. This book provides an insight to school administrators especially at the tertiary level such as universities, polytechnics, monotechnics, colleges of education and other post secondary educational institutions on how best to motivate their staff intrinsically and extrinsically towards greater job performance. It provides both theoretical and empirical perspectives about administering tertiary education to produce the desired results. It is relevant to educational practitioners, students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and administrators in other fields of human endeavour who are desirous of achieving all-time high job performance. It is written in simple and easy to understand language which laymen and literate populace will find as invaluable asset. For its rich content, students, theoreticians and practitioners should ensure that they read this very important book.
Job Performance Enhancement Factors