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Fundamentals of Guidance and Counselling

Fundamentals of Guidance and Counselling

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Fundamentals of Guidance and Counselling has been written with three clear objectives (i) To enable learners to understand the real meaning of Guidance and Counselling, (ii) To give the professionals all essential information, and (iii) To make the students, irrespective of their discipline, developed insight into Guidance and counselling. It is hoped that the humble effort made in the form of this book will assist the professionals in the accomplishment of the understanding of the various concepts and methods applied in Guidance and Counselling. This book consist of fifteen chapters i.e Foundation of guidance, Fundamentals of guidance, Personal guidance, Guidance for leisure time, Group guidance, Organization of guidance Programme, Guidance programme at different stages, Fundamentals of Counselling, Process of Counselling, Approaches of Counselling, Types of Counselling, Guidance of children with special needs, Role of guidance worker: Deeling with special children, School-Community interaction for guidance and Juvenile Delinquency. It is primarily intended to serve as a reference book for B.Ed., M.Ed., M.A.(Education) and M. Phil students as well as for professionals also.
Role of Guidance Worker With Juvenile Delinquency Children