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Social Ecology of Tea Gardens in India: Perspective of Global Warming

Social Ecology of Tea Gardens in India: Perspective of Global Warming

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Social ecology is basically a manifestation of social system funtion comprising of structural characteristics and functional disposition. Tea gardens in India are representing unique social-ecologial behaviour and it has been more conspicuous with the advent of global warming and climate change. This unique social ecology has been a subject to withdrawl of biodiversity, erosion of physical natural bases and relentless anthropogenic activities. The book is a rare academic cultivation in the area of ecological networking by statistically designing the spill and grid effect of intra and inter ecological performances.It is unique to observe that with the change in rainfall pattern, as perceived by different tea garden stakeholders,the pattern of livelihood generation and other economic activities pertaining to this social ecology have been affected.The general social science researches are mainly confined to analysing and estimating socio-economic variables and,on contrary,this book retains a well readable research document on combined effect of socio-economic interaction with the bio-physical counterpart of the same ecological setup.Thus the book is a great creation in Social Ecology.
The social ecology of tea gardens in India is under faster transformation. It is well discernible in north east of India