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Quality of Teaching Physical Education

Quality of Teaching Physical Education

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Quality is at the heart of any educational system. It influences what students learn, how well they learn and what benefits them to draw from their education. Whether a particular education system is high or low quality can be judged in terms of input, output and process. However, the purpose of the book gave emphasis on system inputs to reveal: tasks of school management and school based supervision,teachers’ qualification, teaching materials, sport facilities and equipment, large class size, Instructional time, school and community relationship largely affects quality of teaching physical education in which there is no significant difference between the three respondents throughout the data tested using chi-square(X2, p-value and df) and alpha (0.05). The book describes the quality of teaching physical education research plays an important role in providing a clear picture of the educational system and the tangible changes that should take place; policy makers, planners, teachers and other stakeholders can use it for decision making, further planning and to take corrective measure on time in order to enhance the barriers of teaching quality of physical education.
Problems of teaching physical education