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From Chinese Teachers to US Teachers

From Chinese Teachers to US Teachers

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There has been a relative paucity of research and theoretical investigations for foreign-born teacher candidates’ internship experiences outside of their country of origin. Particularly, how foreign-born teacher candidates learn and grow within the complex of a new social context has not been studied systematically. The qualitative case studies of three foreign- born Chinese language teacher candidates (CLTCs) aim to 1) identify the key influences that shape their internship experiences; 2) understand in what ways these influences have created resonances and contradictions for them; and 3) explore strategies CLTCs have adopted in order to navigate through the US education system. A sociocultural conceptual framework which highlights three domains of influences was created for single case and cross-case analysis. Findings revealed that key stakeholders exerted the most prominent influence on their experiences. CLTCs experienced most contradictions in interpreting the US education framework and managing classes. To navigate through their internship, CLTCs used a variety of strategies to strengthen classroom management, develop their teaching styles, and advocate for their programs.
Case Studies of Three Foreign-born Chinese Language Teacher Candidates