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Privatization of higher education in Nepal

Privatization of higher education in Nepal

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Government across the world adopted cost sharing policy and allowed private sectors to supplement duty of higher education which brought the trends of privatization, commercialization and internationalization. These ‘ization’ raised serious issues of equity and access. Without pre-planned policies, private sectors come on the screen and prove unanticipated growth and acceptability in the market moving from the periphery to a dominant position throughout the globe and Nepal in particular. It performs more, different and better function whereas the former is dominant in Nepal attributed by secular, demand absorbing, vocationally and commercially oriented HEIs. Due to financial austerity, the public institutions are moving towards internal and program privatization. It shows that privatization enhances enrollment of 18-25 age group population along with the participation of girls’, marginalized and differently able people. It enhances region related equity, program access and outcomes of educational participation by creating gaps of well-off society and the poor. The analysis should help to shed some light on privatization of higher education and its implication on equity and access.