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Investigating International Education Transfer from Both Sides

Investigating International Education Transfer from Both Sides

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The objective of this investigation was to understand and describe the experiences of those on the US and South African sides who worked to transfer an education model between the countries. It provides an example of an industry led cross-national initiative to develop manufacturing competency via transfer of a unique technical education training program. Findings from this case study paint a picture of what was involved in the model’s transfer both in terms of a narrative story and from the collective themes of those on each side. An analysis of these findings allowed for comparisons to be drawn between those themes from the data and in light of the literature. Though not meant to be an evaluation of the process or programs in either country, it does provide an instructive record. The specific implications are focused around three areas: (A) the ways in which the fields of HRD, TVET, and education policy borrowing interact with and inform one another; (B) the impact of an industry led initiative to solve a national skills crisis by looking abroad; (C) incorporation of the perspectives of lenders and borrowers leading to a more holistic view of educational program transfer.
Case Study of a Technical & Vocational Education and Training Model "Ported" between the United States and South Africa