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A review of online education quality

A review of online education quality

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As online learning has become firmly embedded within the higher education landscape, considerable concerns arise, particularly as it relates to the quality of this mode of instruction. Although the quantity of literature regarding online education is expanding, a more in-depth and broader review of factors that may lead to quality online education is needed. Furthermore, in order to provide effective and quality online education, studies on students’ perceptions on quality issues are needed, therefore the primary objective of this study is to examine students’ perceptions regarding the quality of online courses and to determine the factors that impact students’ perceptions. The study employs IHEP Quality benchmarks utilizing peer interactions, instructor feedback, course structure, and student support as predictor variables. Findings of this study provide valuable information that can serve online instructors and administrators in providing more effective online education. Recommendations for practice as well as for further research are provided.
Students' perceptions and contributing factors