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New Perspectives in Academic Leadership and Standardized Tests

New Perspectives in Academic Leadership and Standardized Tests

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This study is intended for Community and Junior Colleges leaders. In fact this study can also be used and utilized by business leaders as well. Knowing own leadership style will help leaders and administrators in education and business adapt to their organizational environment in terms of decision making, budgeting, hiring employees, and other issues. The Leadership Styles presented in the survey are based on the Managerial Grid introduced by Blake and Mouton. A survey was emailed through Survey Monkey to 138 administrators. 64 administrators returned complete surveys. Respondents included 13 Presidents, 34 Vice-Presidents, and 17 Deans. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. This study revealed that style 5/5 “Strategic” style is the most dominant self-perceived leadership style. In this style, leaders seek to have a balanced approach between concern for employees and work. Leadership positions must reflect the demographics of students in community colleges. As for the use of standardized tests in college admission, data analyzed showed that standardized tests did not predict students’ performance in college. In fact students who failed the standardized tests performed well in college level work.