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I Must Succeed

I Must Succeed

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The book, “I Must Succeed”, looks at how an individual (I-factor) can mobilize (M-factor) and utilize (U-factor) all that providence has endowed him with to find solutions (S-factor) to problems in and around his environment which ought to be tested (T-factor). The individual must provide a service (S- factor) that is unique (U-factor) for the care (C-factor) of his customers (C-factor) making them give evidence (E –factor) about ones efficiency (E – factor), to make one realize his dream (D –factor). The combination of the factors from I – D guarantees one the ID for success. In other words, what is called an Individual’s Dream (ID). The book explains the I-D factors comprehensively to enable its readers benefit mentally and practically from it. It is the author’s hope that the book will help shape the lifestyle of each and every individual to enable them realize their dreams of success.
I Must Succeed in all Endeavours