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Assessment of In-School Conflicts and their Resolutions

Assessment of In-School Conflicts and their Resolutions

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Ethiopia is one of the countries in the Horn of Africa, struggling to provide quality education to its Citizens. Education is believed to be the training ground for all other sectors. Therefore, as the history of economic development reveals, the developed countries have given the priority to education to get rid of the bottleneck of poverty. No country has scored sound economic growth without sound development in its education. This development is effected through informed planning, efficient school organization and dedicated leadership. Moreover, no education system can rise above the quality of its leaders. In view of these, Ethiopia has tried its best to enhance the skills of leadership to our educational leaders. As practised in many schools everywhere, large number of teachers and educational leaders in Ethiopia clash with each other as conflict is an inevitable phenomenon of life. Unless school leaders learn to deal with conflict, it is impossible to get a smooth operation of our schools. In this regard, this book explains the perception, levels, and sources of conflict and strategies of conflict management. So you can find out about these and more of it inside this book.
The Case of Public Schools in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia