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Support for Underground Using Mine Waste Materials

Support for Underground Using Mine Waste Materials

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This book is intended to encourage mining industry to use waste materials produced in the mine such as tailing, fly ash, broken rocks etc. to use them as underground support with safety, efficiency and and economy. The other advantages of using the waste materials will be ,of course will control the environment pollution, save surface space for other useful purposes such as farming land, house construction etc. It is an emerging technology in trial in various parts of the world. The results are encouraging. Chapter five of this book is provide technical know-how to manufacture building blocks used in the construction of single or multi storied buildings. The technology describe is simple and one can have the blocks of uniform strength or of any strength which is a great requirement of the civil engineers. A factory lay out is shown in the book which could be of help to those who intends to make blocks on large scale.
Support for underground mining