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General Education Curriculum: A Trajectory for Accreditation

General Education Curriculum: A Trajectory for Accreditation

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The General Education curriculum (GEC) with its focus on liberal education, lays the foundation for learning goals and activities of university education. With knowledge growing at unprecedented rates, higher education systems must equip students with the ability to manage and assimilate great volumes of information.The need to learn continues to provide valuable insurance to cope with the rapidly changing economic environment. For this reason the expanding GE program becomes the core to strengthen any curriculum. Thus assessing the status of the GEC would be a significant endeavor of the academe relevant to the thrust of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) among higher education institutions. Through this assessment, the weaknesses identified becomes the bases for developing an assessment plan and the strengths are the bases for decisions regarding accreditation.Hence the degree of compliance with CHED should be excellent to make it more responsive to quality education and to obtain level 111 accreditation.
Accreditation: A Vehicle for Quality Education