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Challenges Facing Special Needs Education

Challenges Facing Special Needs Education

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Special needs education (SNE) has faced a myriad of challenges over the years. Many educators and scholars have put it forward and clearly that their is dire need to focus more intensely on children with special educational needs.This is because these children could be gifted differently and in a unique way and the fact that education as enshrined as a human right in many educational conference,reports as well as by UNESCO. Most Governments world over have revived the attention given to special needs and its implementation process. This book presents the various factors which act as challenges faced during the implementation process of the SNE programme and suggests possible solutions to the challenges identified herein. Recommendations have also been given for further research in trying to cover the existing gaps in SNE implementation. Many examples from a world perspective have been quoted with supporting statistical information in an effort to clearly bring out the problem. The Author hopes that the research done will open room for further educational research geared towards full support and successful implementation of the Special needs education programmes.