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Library and Information Education in Swaziland

Library and Information Education in Swaziland

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This book emanate from a concern that Swaziland has been over-reliant on out-country education in Library and Information Management since independence. Swaziland, like most developing countries, has achieved a lot of progress in other higher education development and sustainability sectors, evident in the establishment of higher education institutions, and also the country’s participation in the regional and global arena through skilled human resources and capacity development initiatives. Library and Information services in the country are also growing beyond the confines of public and academic libraries and now incorporate the private sector, parastals, non-governmental organizations and community centres. With this growing demand, there is a need for more educated Library and Information Management professionals. The book culminates from a study that was done to establish the need, opportunities and challenges of providing Library and Information education locally in Swaziland. It highlights the role of different stakeholders in education matters of a profession, and should be useful to all who are interested in LIS education, growth, feasibility studies and market surveys.
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