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Changes and Challenges to School Improvement

Changes and Challenges to School Improvement

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This book is about school improvement with an attempt to critically analyze the contribution geared to school improvement efforts conceptualized and implemented by a team of Field Education Office (an educational unit) of Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan in the Northern part of Pakistan. Those who are seriously interested in changing schools to improve and the learning outcomes of students, will benefit from this effort. It may also assist headteachers, teachers and school development teams to comprehend various school improvement models, factors and activities that contribute to school improvement and sustain change. In this research paper, a brief history of the organization (context of the study) which encompasses change, continuity and evolution of school improvement initiatives, the concept of school improvement, the dynamics and modus operandi of the Field Education Unit in carrying out the academic and administrative activities in schools, have been highlighted. The study has also depicted changes and achievements in school improvement, challenges encountered and possible recommendations for further improvement.
A Case study of an Educational Unit ‘Field Education Office’ AKES, P Northern Areas