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Staff Development

Staff Development

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Infants who are preterm and small for gestational age have the highest neonatal mortality risk. Accordingly, neonatal intensive care unit nursing is a highly specialized area that requires lengthy supervised experience to reach a level of competence that allows independent functioning. Neonatal intensive care units are specialized centers where proper diagnosis, monitoring, and management of high-risk infants take place. These are achieved by good neonatologists, clever nurses, and proper monitoring techniques. The main results obtained from the study are Statistically significant improvements in nurses’ practice and knowledge were noticed in most of the items of the knowledge test and observation throughout the post and follow up periods, p>0.001, also ? The majority of nurses were not satisfied with their salaries, promotion, and nurse/patient ratio in all hospitals under study. the study was recommended that A periodic monitoring of nurses knowledge and performance is needed in order to obtain data that help ensuring quality care provided to neonate. Periodic in-service educational programs are also recommended.
Construction Module for staff nurses working in NICU