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Comparison of Surgical Reconstruction of Interdental Papilla

Comparison of Surgical Reconstruction of Interdental Papilla

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The presence of interproximal papilla between the maxillary anterior teeth is a key esthetic component. One of the major esthetic challenges in periodontal plastic surgery is the ability of reconstruction of the lost papilla in the maxillary anterior segment, the presence of which can result in esthetic and phonetic problems. The purpose of the study was to investigate the effectiveness of Robert Azzi technique and Han and Takei technique in reconstruction of interdental papilla. It also compared the effectiveness of the above two techniques in reconstruction of interdental papilla.14 patients who were periodontally healthy and had a loss of interdental papilla in the upper maxillary incisors were selected. The clinical parameters were recorded day 0, baseline, 6 and 12 months from baseline.A statistically significant improvement was seen in the papilla presence index and papillary height in both the groups. But on comparing both the techniques there was no statistical difference between the two.The results of this study showed that both the techniques were equally effective in successful reconstruction of interdental papilla and no technique was superior over the other.
An esthetic surgical procedure