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Novice Teacher Educators

Novice Teacher Educators

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This book contains research based findings on problems faced by new teacher educators in teacher education institutions. The study focused on the problems regarding the teaching learning process, problems faced in providing guidance for planning and observation of lessons, problems related to demonstration lesson, problems regarding the content related activities and submissions. Purposive sampling method was used for selected of teacher educators. Questionnaire and interview schedule for novice teacher educators was used for collection of data. Even Scenario writing technique was used for getting more reliable data. The major findings show that novice teacher educator came with prepared notes and generally lecture method was used. Even autocratic atmosphere was observed in the classroom so that students were not interested in teaching learning process and they were look like good listeners. The findings of the study will be helpful to personnel engaged in policy making, officers at educational management level, teacher educators, secondary teacher education institutions, M.Ed students and last but not least novice teacher educators.
Problems of Novice Teacher Educators