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Factors that Influence Performance in Examinations in Kenya

Factors that Influence Performance in Examinations in Kenya

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The purpose of the study was to investigate the factors that influence the performance of KCSE examinations. The study was carried out in Turkana District. The population of the study was two thousand six hundred and sixty one (2,661), comprising of one hundred and seventy (170) teachers – head teachers included, two thousand four hundred and ninety students and the District Education Officer. Stratified random sampling technique was used for the study – a sample of six hundred and sixty nine respondents were chosen. Questionnaires, interview and observation guide were distributed to the selected sample. The study made use of the statistical packages of social science (SPSS) program in analyzing the data collected by use of questionnaires. The findings reveal that there is a significant relationship between parents’ attitude, cultural beliefs, teaches’ commitment and the KCSE performance. A high percentage of the students have no interest of learning due to societal influence resulting to negative attitude towards education. The findings also indicate that illiteracy, poverty and communication have for a long time been the problem in Turkana district.
The Case of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination