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Moist Vs Dry Bonding

Moist Vs Dry Bonding

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Over the last few years, the use of adhesive tooth-coloured restorations has increased exponentially at such a pace that they have almost replaced the usage of conventional restorative materials. But still the dislodgement of composite restorations poses a dilemma for the patient as well as for the clinician. Debonding of composite restorations depends on various factors that should be taken into account.One such factor is the solvent present in the adhesive systems. This book, therefore, determines the effects of different solvents in the adhesive systems on the bond strength of the composite restorations. This analysis should help shed some light on the selection of bonding agent,technique of bonding and manipulation of composite restorations and should be especially useful to the restorative dentists and researchers.
Selection Of Bonding Agents, Techniques & Advantages